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Carpet Cleaning is very personal. You have people working in your home, affecting the health, comfort, smell, and value of your home and belongings. Most carpet cleaning companies hire and train new employees constantly. It's almost impossible to know the background and trustworthiness of their technicians. With my company, I'm the cleaning tech onsite.
I have watched my customer's children learn to walk and graduate from college. I meet their pets when they are puppies and kittens and take care of their messes throughout their lives; by making their carpet look and smell like new again, I save them from the ire of their caretakers.
Let me help you keep your investment like new as long as possible. You will be able to be comfortable with me in your home. You can trust I will show up when I say I do. My expert cleaning will not damage your carpet. You wont have chemical residue that smells and could make youir carpet get dirty faster. 
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Carpet and Furniture Cleaning in Blaine and Shoreview Area

My clients are continually amazed by how clean I can get their carpet.They tell me to "do your magic" to get out some of the most horrendous stains and restore filthy traffic patterns to like new condition.

In order to get as much dirt, odor and bacteria out of your carpet I use  powerful truck-mounted rotary jet steam extraction equipment.

I pre-treat your carpet with environmentally and family safe cleaning solutions and then rinse with 200 degree clear soft water. Soil is safely removed while lurking bacteria and dust mites are destroyed.

Whatever your spill, stain, or carpet challenge, I'll suggest the most effective and economical solution.
Your commercial carpet gets completely different wear and spills than your home. You need it to be cleaned economically, but the shorter yarn carpet carries more dirt and requires special techniques and equipment.

Over the years my clients have included roller skating rinks with the carpeting loaded with sugary drink spills, downtown skyways with every kind of spill imaginable, and offices that just get hundreds of people walking breathing and living on the carpet all day long.

I will inspect your carpet, estimate the cleaning cost, and give you ideas to keep your building healthy and extend the life of your carpet. Give me a call or text at 651-486-8933 to get the ball rolling.
When it comes to cleaning fine furniture and upholstery there is way around it experience is the key. Through 25 years of cleaning I have run into some of the weirdest fabrics.
I can give you a pretty good idea of what to expect before I begin cleaning. Sythetics clean really well,but natural fibers like cotton and wool can have varying results based on age and exposure to the sun. Most modern fabrics clean up like new. Ultrasuede may look like it would never come clean but, surprisingly, it can end up looking just like new again.
Area rugs and Oriental rugs present unique beauty and challenges.
    I recommend that you have me inspect them to help you decide on a course of action in cleaning.
    Some have backings that are either unstable or deteriorated with time. Others have concerns with color bleeding or the shape of the rug distorting or shrinking.
    Some just need a good dusting while others need a full imersion cleaning at my shop, for example, to remove extensive urine damage. I will inspect and test the fibers and give you my expert reccomendations before cleaning.
There are some stains that just can't be removed. Bleach marks and some dye stains may be a candidates for a bonded insert. You will need to provide spare carpet and there are some limitations as to what can be done because of wear on the carpet, but it just may be an economical fix to save you from losing a damage deposit or having to replace an entire room of carpet.

I can also restretch wrinkled carpet if it's in good condition.
Also, carpet that has been disengaged from flooding or remodeling can be restretched and engaged in its tack strip.
Stretching extends the life of your carpet and can save you from the hassle and expense of replacing it.
Carpet Patch and Repair
Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing

My special grease-busting detergents and 212 degree steam will save your back and your patience.

Scrubbing grout lines is hard work! Leave it to me and I'll make your ceramic tile look better than ever. The I'll seal the grout so that it will stay clean for a long time.
Stay Safe
     With over 20,000 dryer fires in the U.S. every year it is important to get in  a routine of cleaning out the highly flammable dust and lint from your clothes dryer system.
     Furnace duct cleaning companies only clean out the vent pipe and not the appliance itself where the most dangerous buildup occurs.
     I clean out the vent pipe with a rotating brush because compressed air can't dislodge hardened sticky lint.
     The lint around the heating element of the dryer or gas flame are also vaccumed out. This is where balls of lint can get sucked in and ignited. The fan then pulls the flaming ball into your clothes. If they are wet when this happens you'll notice sooty marks on your clothing. If your clothes are dry when this happens they could start on fire.
     I can't emphasize enough what a crucial maintenance issue this is. Call me to inspect and minimize this danger.
You will save money Too
     Clothes dry faster as more air can circulate through the system.
     Coins, toothpicks, collar stays and small toys all sneak by your lint screen and fall into the housing of your dryer fan blocking it's flow.
     When I open this up and clean it all out, it doubles the air movement most of the time.
     I measure your dryers air flow and tell you if it's time to clean it out.
"Many, Many thanks for a job well done! It is always so nice to go away and come home to clean carpet. Client for over 18 years Kris Miller , Chanhassen

"Very thorough & great attitude! Excellent cleaning-carpet looks great!" Lisa Witchell, Shoreview

"Mr. Winter our carpet looks so nice and clean, better than new! Especially the stairway! Thank You." Betty Mahin, Wayzata

Winter carpet care is THE way to go. I have referred many people to Mr. John Winter, even my very particular mother! All were extremely pleased. He takes great pride in his work and it shows.

- Diane l. 12/18/2014

That's just a few of the great comments I get regularly.

When you need a miracle, or just a good cleaning!


Call me! You'll be amazed when I save your carpet!

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